Top Ten Perfumes For Women For 2018

2018 is definitely the year to up your perfume game and smell your best at all times. As a woman, it is somewhat hard to make a good choice of fragrance especially with a lot of options in the market.

This is why we have put together a list of top ten women’s perfumes for 2018. These fragrances are highly rated, have great reviews and are loved by a lot of women. Scroll down and check out our top ten perfume list for women. 

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  • The Marigold and Gardenia Embrace Body Mist for women by Vera Wang

One of the amazing fragrances in the Embrace collection by Vera Wang. This perfume is for the reflective, quiet woman who loves her solitude.

It is almost poetic and is a floral combination of marigold & Gardenia, cedarwood, orange etc. amongst other subtle scents.

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  • Jovan Musk for women by Jovan

This perfume is definitely for the bold, highly confident woman who owns any room she steps into. It is made of a highly exotic mixture of spices such as coriander and nutmeg and ylang-ylang & orange flower extracts. It gives off a sultry and woody whiff and is definitely a great choice for you this year!

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  • Glow For women by Jennifer Lopez

This perfume is definitely a favorite for many women as it keeps making its way back to our list every year. Laced with fruits, vanilla, amber and flowers, this fragrance has an alluring smell that makes you feel extremely confident.

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  • Mad love by Katy Perry

Definitely the top choice for the sexy women who are ready to make a statement everywhere they step into. With its youthful, fruity fragrance and the perfect blend of luscious fruits, this fragrance oozes femininity on all accounts and is perfect for you.

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  • Jovan Island Gardenia for women by Jovan

Jovan comes back with a tropical perfume for women who love a more natural scent. This perfume is long-lasting and is made up of a fine blend of tropical fruits and flowers.

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  • Coty Ici for women by Coty

This perfume has a fresh scent and is designed for women who want to feel cool and fresh throughout the day. This scent will definitely be loved by everyone around you.

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  • Gardenia Elizabeth Taylor for women by Elizabeth Taylor

This is a highly sought after perfume with a fine blend of rose, gardenia, orchid, jasmine, lily of the valley and other key scents that leave you smelling amazing all day long.

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  • Vera Wang Princess for women by Vera Wang

Fully laced with scents of dreamy water lily and lady apples, this perfume is the go-to choice for the fun, playful woman.

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  • Beyoncé Heat for women by Beyoncé

Beyoncé definitely outdid herself with this perfume as it has a strong, sexy scent that will have you feeling beautiful all day, like the star herself!

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  • Charlie Blue for women by Revlon

This perfume has a very charming and delicate scent with just the right hint of innocence to leave you smelling fresh all day.

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Have we missed your favorite perfume? Let us know!

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