Cruelty-Free Fragrance You Need To Know About

What do you know about cruelty-free fragrance and brands? The mainstream fashion industry can turn out to be really harsh when it comes to handling animals with compassion and love; you’d be surprised to know that many renowned brands, even fragrance companies, are still testing their final products on animals.

If this’s certainly not your thing, you might be interested in stocking up some cruelty-free fragrance! There are so many outstanding vegan and cruelty-free perfume companies that are quite easy to find.

Selecting a vegan perfume or cruelty-free fragrance usually meant that you were going to a local health food market in the past.

However, today even high-end retail stores like Sephora and Amazon carry the most beautiful and top-notch cruelty-free perfume brands for our vegan supporters.

These beauties are available in solid perfumes, timeless spray bottles and also perfume wipes for traveling purposes.

You can also buy these products from the company’s official website and stores or from other renowned online portals like Barneys, Spirit Beauty Lounge or The Detox Market.

Here’s a list of the top aromatic lines that are contradicting animal testing with their exquisite cruelty-free scents and are true to what they claim.

Cruelty-Free Fragrance Guide

cruelty-free fragrance

  1. ARQUISTE (PRICE: $190)

Arquiste was founded in 2010 in New York. Any of their suppliers or third parties believe in policies where products are tested on animals during production.

Also, they don’t supply or sell their items to China (animal testing is mandatory as per the Chinese law). Their lovely Flor y Canto for women fragrance has a beautiful and unique floral scent.

If you like tuberose and gardenia, you should definitely try it.

Available at Barneys


cruelty-free fragrance

2. D.S. AND DURGA (PRICE RANGE: $98 – $350)

A pure cruelty-free brand that produces fragrances using their very own range of premium raw materials! Dura for women is a floral green fragrance and was launched in 2017.

The company has around 59 different cruelty-free perfumes for men and women and the earliest edition was created back in 2000.

Available at Barneys


cruelty-free fragrance

3. THE 7 VIRTUES (PRICE: $115)

The company creates vegan and organic fragrances made with natural essential oils and sourced from nations rebuilding after war and strife with the beautiful message “Make Perfume and Not War”.

The founder is a vegetarian and products are only tested on her friends and family.

Available here


cruelty-free and organic fragrance


Go all natural with Honore des Pres. A fragrant house that has been creating gorgeous, deluxe and cruelty-free fragrance using absolutely zero synthetic elements.

Our favorite fragrance is the Love Coco Honore des Pres for women created from spiced coconut milk, coriander leaf and a touch of vanilla.

All ingredients used are 100% natural and highly aromatic.

Available on Amazon


cruelty-free fragrance


A small all-natural brand, developing natural, cruelty-free and vegan fragrances in France without any harmful ingredients like parabens or phthalates.

The Joyful natural perfume has a sweet and intense fruit scent created from essential oils of orange flowers, rose, jasmine and lime blossoms.

Official Website


cruelty-free fragrance


The Commodity was founded in 2014 and is based in London. They have around 25 different cruelty-free perfumes for women and men, as well as a body and home collection.

Our favorite is the Gold Commodity fragrance with a strong vanilla and amber touch.

Available at Sephora


cruelty-free fragrance


Pacifica is a great cruelty-free brand with a lot of beauty and makeup products. They are also very affordable and purely vegan.

Our favorite is the Indian coconut nectar spray fragrance with a note of coconut, ambrosia flower, and vanilla.

Available on Amazon


cruelty-free fragrance


PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free brand from the US. Blossom was launched in 2013 and the fragrance has a fresh grapefruit and orange note.

You should definitely give it a try.

Available on Amazon


cruelty-free fragrance

9. TSI LA (Price: $125)

Us based brand with 7 different perfumes for women. They’re not just natural and organic, but also purely vegan with an exotic aroma.

We like the Fiori d’Arancio fragrance with a strong citrus note.

Official Website


cruelty-free fragrance


Lavanila is a popular and American company and was established in 2007. As much as we know, they have 7 different and vanilla-based fragrances.

They also manufacture some great perfumes that are equally healthy and also free from any possible toxic chemicals.

Available at Sephora



A natural perfume house which was founded in 2009 and is based in New York City. A non-toxic fragrance with ingredients that are 100% natural and vegan as well!

The brand offers five different perfumes and each creation is certified individually.

Official Website



Ecco Bella is an organic beauty line with a lot of organic cosmetics for women.

They also provide a huge range of green, seductive Eau de Parfums, made only from essential oils (spices, herbs, fruits, and flowers) and are totally synthetic free.

Our pick is the Ecco Bella Eau de Parfum Lemon Verbena, the essence of natural aromatherapy.

Available on Amazon



Need something to keep you all airy and fresh during the summers? This alcohol-free gem is all that you need to do the trick!

A fragrance line offering a vast collection of body mists, perfumes and other remarkable bath and body products that are affordable and all-natural.

Available on Amazon



One more cruelty-free and organic brand which is based in New York City and that offers a lot of skincare products and fragrance.

VERED organic botanicals are 100% pure, certified organic, created with plant oils and herbs.

Available on Amazon or at the official website



This classic brand is based on releasing and relieving stress via flower aromatherapy.

Lotus Wei is an organic line of essential oils blends and flower essence and they make a magical perfume that is natural with certain heavenly organic ingredients.

Official Website



With vegan perfumes that offer natural fragrance, Forager Botanicals is free from any possible Harmful Synthetics, Color, Paraben and Sulfate.

It’s cruelty-free and has 95% organic ingredients.

Available on Amazon 



This marvelous brand is not just cruelty-free, but also natural and all-vegan.

With their ingredients mostly innovative, organic and eye-catching minimalistic wrapping.

French girl organics offers not just a number of perfume, but also have a lot of beauty and makeup collections as well.

A lot of products are available on Amazon or at Revolve



This fragrance house is a Maison de Parfum, devoted completely to providing highly luxurious and original handcrafted scent and perfumes solutions that are 100% vegan.

The products are created in small consignments using an extensive range of the best natural extracts and organic raw ingredients.

Official Website



Another great organic and cruelty-free fragrance house based in New York and launched in 2008 by two brothers.

They have a great collection of perfumes, skin care, and beauty products. The Hello fragrance has a strong lemon touch, mixed with grapefruit and mandarin.

Available on Amazon


Are you beginning to get a better understanding of which cruelty-free perfumes to buy? Let us know about your favorite!

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